If you don’t have insurance, dental work can be very expensive, especially if you try to find a monthly plan or want to price out a new procedure like a root canal or dental veneers. Use these pointers to help you find help with your dental care so you can still get the work done that you need.


Making Dental Care Affordable

Dental Schools

One option that can help you to find affordable dental care is to contact the nearest dental school in your area. While they will still charge you for their services, the prices are much cheaper. You may have to wait longer to be seen and the services themselves may take longer if an instructor is present with his or her students, but you can save a lot of money.

To set up an appointment, call your local dental school about their services and also check the reviews online so you know what to expect. Reviewers may give tips on best dates to go and the best time of day. They may also give you an idea of how long you can expect each visit to take based on their particular experience.

Reduced Costs Dental Services

Another way to get dental care is to call your previous dentist or call a new dentist in your area. You can ask about paying cash for the services you need. Most dentists will work with you especially if you used to be a patient of theirs. This can help for routine cleanings and emergency procedures like root canals and missing fillings.

You may also benefit from asking for temporary work. Even if you can’t afford to have a root canal now, you may be able to get a temporary filling to bide you some time until you have more money or can go to a dental school for follow-up.

New Dental Plans and Services

A different route is to search for a new dental insurance online. If you call your former dentist and ask what types of insurance they take, they may have recommendations for you so you can be treated. While you might have to pay for the dental plan for 6-months, having the dental insurance can help you get the work done that you need.

Lastly, consider consulting a dentist who is looking for new patients or models for their work or new practice. According to Dentistry IQ,the average dentist needs anywhere from 10 to 20 patients per week for their practice. Sometimes new dentists will allow their staff to practice on new patients to better promote a service and they may offer a reduced price on dental veneers and implants. That doesn’t mean you’re the new guinea pig. On the contrary, you will receive exceptional care. They may just want to practice their services and techniques on a patient before introducing a new service to the general public.

To find a dental implants specialist in Louisville, please do an online search for your area and then check sites like Yelp and the American Dental Association for more information and reviews to confirm the services of the dentist you would like to see. The good news? You’ll have an exceptional smile in no time!