Is the Flu Vaccine Safe? Over the years, medical science has undergone innovations and discoveries. There are different medical products that are made at the dawn of each day. The purposes of these medicines include cure, prevention, disease management and supplementation. One of the common infections affecting people is flu. It is a disease caused by virus. In the near recent a vaccine against flu has been developed. The vaccine has been promoted widely as an effective way to prevent flu. It has been proving through research that the vaccine does not offer the best approach to stay away for flu. There are better solutions to keep flu away instead of taking an injection. Studies have shown that it is better to avoid the vaccine than the flu. The usage of the vaccine should be assessed against the side effects since it is not an essential. The available evidence does not prove that children are protected against the flu. The injections can only work against some varieties of the virus. This puts a person who is immunized against a certain variety at a higher risk of becoming infected if faced with a different variety. The shot has been shown to lead to serious health problems such immunological disorders and other infections. This makes the body more vulnerable to the disease it was supposed to provide protection. The shot does not immunize the body against the flu but exposes the body to the virus. Oftenly, children will develop varied infection including pneumonia and running nose few days or weeks after they have been vaccinated. The infection are symptoms caused by the virus introduced to the body.The main shortcoming of this shot is if it causes immune-suppression.
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Since the vaccine introduces a virus into the body, it is therefore not safe for someone with a disease which is lowering the body immunity. The virus can get strong in a body that has a poor immunity system. The content of mercury in the shot is usually higher than the allowed limit of daily exposure. There are different problems related to use of high doses of mercury including memory loss, digestive and respiratory complications and memory loss.
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Alzheimer’s disease, in particular, can attack the elderly. Age comes with a decreased level of immunity. The flu vaccine increases the rate of immunity deterioration making the fluid situation worse. Further, overuse of eh shot can lead to mutation of the virus into the more dangerous strain. It is better to source for other safer means of protecting yourself from the virus. Most people who take the vaccine develop a serious infection shortly after. Learn different ways in which you can stay a healthy lifestyle and safe remedies to diseases.