Things That Could Hinder Your Fitness Goals

Even if you are physically active and eats well, you may be wondering why you’re still unfit and unhealthy. However, what you must know is that fitness and good health can only be achieved if you acknowledge the fact that there are some little things out there that you often forget but can actually be a major determining factor.

1 – Sleep Deprivation

Energy is something the body needs and can never live without. In order to produce, maintain, and keep energy, our body needs to rest for it to be ready for physical activities later, and this rest comes in the form of sleep. But if you are not able to get enough sleep, say at least seven hours a day, you deprive your body of rest; rest that is essential for keeping your energy levels high in the morning. What happens then is that if the body does not have enough rest, you will find it difficult to perform the usual physical activities you do every day because you don’t have enough energy to perform them in the first place. And when you skip on exercise and the daily activities that make you burn fat, you end up gaining weight.

2 – Problems with your Digestion

The digestive system in the body is one of the most overworked. In case your system has some issues, you might end up having fitness issues as well. Keep in mind that all thee food you eat goes through a process of digestion before your body gets to benefit from them. But suffering from a specific type of digestive system problem like irritable bowel syndrome might very well lead to a lot of confusion in your body, and in this case, it might not be able to process food and nutrients the way it is supposed to. For this specific condition, the digestive system could convert your food into waste, depriving your body of the nutrients it needs. As a result, the lack of nutrient absorption in the body leads to losing weight and essential fluids. If this happens to you in the future, you need to immediately find an irritable bowel syndrome treatment to stop you from dehydrating and losing more weight.

3 – You Have Flat Feet

Although this sounds crazy, having flat feet could also deter your hopes of getting fitter. You can even ask a physical therapist about this and they’ll certainly back the idea up. You may not be aware of it but with flat feet, the arches of the feet are depressed, which in turn disrupts the natural alignment of the ankle and knee. The ultimate effect is ankle and knee pain, which obviously will affect your ability to perform at your maximum level physically.