Based on a story and then in China, Emperor Shen Neng (2737 BC) is a leader who legally consume marijuana tea for treatment. At that time marijuana as a pain reliever used especially to treat various diseases, namely malaria, rheumatism, asthma veins, and low memory.

But doctors have warned patients not to use excessive because they believe it can make a person “saw the devil”. Choosing a doctor who specializes in the field of one Florida Medical Marijuana Doctors, helping patients to use marijuana properly and legally. To use the service you may go check Medical Marijuana Doctors in Florida.

In contrast to the West and some Asian countries such as China and Japan, since ancient India closest to the use of marijuana, whether for medical, religious ceremonies, recreation, and spritiual. More than just All Natural Medical Solutions, in some countries marijuana has been fused with various cultural activities.

Cannabis plants are often mixed in special drink to bring a sense of fun and also the effect of the treatment. One popular drink is bhang, ganja mix of pasta (made from the leaves and buds), milk, spices and ghee. This drink is considered to have efficacy relieve anxiety. In addition bhang is also a medicine to cure fever, dysentery, indigestion, and make us more alert.