Marijuana or cannabis sativa is a fiber-producing plant cultivation. Medical Marijuana Doctors in Florida is known for narcotic substances in the seeds, in the form of tetrahydrocannabinol which can make the wearer experience the euphoria or pleasure prolonged without cause.

list of medical marijuana doctors in florida is often found on the slopes of the mountains. This plant thrives sometimes like weeds naturally and some are deliberately planted by some locals.

Medical Marijuana in Florida are usually made into a marijuana cigarette. Users often addiction and the ‘hangover’ after wearing them. Therefore, marijuana included in one of the plants that are prohibited. Sometimes police capture and destroy marijuana fields to eradicate its misuse by the public.

In the eyes of the law and fatwa scholars, marijuana use is strictly prohibited. However, in terms of medical, seasonal crop this rate may reach 2 meters has many benefits.

Musri Musman, professor of Marine Nature Materials Chemistry Faculty of Marine and Fisheries University of Syiah Kuala said information about the medical use of marijuana in becoming a community rights. This, he said, so that people acquire knowledge based on facts that already exist.

“Based on the intended knowledge, understanding of the beneficial or not in medical marijuana becomes clear.

He cites ElSohly writing in the book Forensic Science and Medicine: Marijuana and the Cannabinoids stating that there are more than 600 compounds have been identified in the cannabis plant.

“Compound is composed of terpenoids, steroids, hydrocarbons, alkaloids, carbohydrates, flavonoids, alcohol, alkanon, fatty acids, amides, vitamin, and mineral elements.