It is said that falling in love is the most wonderful feeling that you can ever come across.

It’s really good that you have found out someone permanent for your life.


We people have a very bad tendency to choose only the perfect ones.

But what about the imperfect people?


You have to admit the fact that none of us are perfect.

Whom you chose to be perfect may have some imperfections that you overlook.

What if you choose a drug addict as your life partner? Well, that’s really hell of a challenge.

It is better that you judge the person in terms of how good a human being he is instead of labeling him as a drug addict.

Take his addiction as a mistake that he has committed unknowingly. See, no one likes to get into dugs purposely. It may happen that he was passing through a bad phase which led him to take help of drugs.

Of course, taking medical help like the lighthouse treatment is mandatory.


As his partner, you have some responsibility as well.

Take a look at the tips for loving a drug addict.

After all, just like others, you too want to enjoy the essence of love.

•    Come face to face with reality

When you are in love with an addicted person it is very important that you know to handle the reality and deal with it.

Although it may seem like a fantasy world for the first 2 or 3 months, but as time passes by, it gets difficult.

You may find yourself in tough situations. Your partner may ask money from you. Do not feel guilty.

In fact:

In some cases you do not know how to say ‘no’.

All you have to do is deal with it.

Because you choose this life!

•    Discover how your love can heal your addicted partner

There are some effective ways by which you can deal with an addicted person.


You have to learn the distinction between the effective and ineffective ways of loving an addict. This will save a lot of time to help your partner.

Be sure that you are keeping yourself healthy as well.

Otherwise, it you will not be able to balance the things in your daily life.

•    Stop trying to control another person

The only person you can control is your own self.
Never try to control or manipulate the addicted person. It does not make any sense.
Once you can really grasp this factor and work according, your life with the addicted person will be much easier.

Try to find out what you can and what you cannot for the addicted person.

•    Do not blame the other person

If you have fallen in love with a drug addicted and play the blame game, let me tell you that you do not love your man. You just want to dominate him.

Blaming the addict is easy.

Why don’t you take up the challenge of bringing your partner to a normal life!
In such kind of a relationship, be more of a listener, rather than a speaker.
When your partner will find out that you are patient with him, he will like to overcome from his problem soon.

Magic will happen only for your behavioral changes!