What to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Van Ladder Rack

If you have a fleet of vans and would like to buy ladder racks for them, you should consider a number of things. Some of these include the roof height of your van, storage, accessibility and availability of the rack for all your fleet needs.

Choosing the right ladder rack for your van is important. The ladder racks you buy can determine how productive and safe your workers will be, van cargo capacity and cost. However, you may not be sure which van ladder racks to buy given their high cost. Before buying a ladder rack, what should you consider? Below are two tips that will help you.

Know Your Options
You should know the options you have before you start searching for ladder racks for your vehicle. This means you should find out what types of racks are available in the market. For instance, you should know the advantages and disadvantages of the various racks. Van ladder racks are divided into three main categories. These are utility, lock-down and drop-down varieties. However, keep in mind that manufacturers may name their racks differently.

Utility racks are generally flexible and can be used to pull multiple ladders. The racks are made from different types of materials and are the cheapest in the market. However, the height of the van can make the racks become difficult to access. Moreover, there is a high possibility of overloading the racks. This will be the right rack to buy is you have a standard or compact roof van.

The next type of racks you can buy are lock-down racks. You can easily identify the racks from their locking mechanism. If you are looking for a more capacity rack than what utility racks can provide, these are the best options you have. If you have standard and compact roof full size vans, these are the best racks to buy. These racks are however difficult to access if you have a high roof van. Moreover, their cargo capacity can be limited.

Finally, you can also buy the drop-down vehicle racks. These racks are safe and lighten the work of your workers. You can use these racks for high and standard roof vans. However, like the lock-down racks, the drop-down racks also have some cargo limitations. Moreover, they are the most expensive of the three categories of ladder racks.

Rack Accessories
You should also know the accessories you will need to improve the performance of the ladder racks. With the right accessories, you will improve the productivity and safety of you workers. Examples of accessories you can buy include interior racks, conduit carriers, auxiliary steps and rollers.

When you follow the guidelines above, you will know the right ladder rack to buy.

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