We’ve known about health foods for decades and many of us try hard to eat right. We even avoid our favorite egg dishes, desserts and salad dressings But if we’re honest, most of us still daydream about fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies, mayonnaise laced sandwiches and eggs hot off the griddle. Fortunately, the founders of Hampton Creek Foods don’t think we should have to choose. That is one reason that customers now clamor for Hampton Creek info and news about their tasty, healthy products. Many shoppers are also impressed with the company’s dedication to solving current food sourcing problems.

Can a Planet Friendly Product Appeal to the Masses?

Joshua Tetrick and his partner started Hampton Creek because they saw that the foods people love are often bad for them. Most are sourced from unhealthy animal-based ingredients. The process that creates the foods is cruel to animals, creates pollution, leads to deforestation and takes place in unsanitary environments. The two businessmen felt that sourcing foods from plants is the answer, but they didn’t want to just offer more health foods. They decided to create mouth-watering products that would make healthy eating effortless.

Early Research Paved the Way for Stunning Success

Hampton Creek’s owners went to work and soon developed a wonderful tasting, plant based egg alternative. They named it Beyond Eggs and it became part of other original, successful products like tasty Just Mayo, Just Cookies and Just Cookie Dough. Consumers soon put their seal of approval on the affordable foods, which often taste better than originals. Hampton Creek soon attracted investors that helped it expand and begin researching dozens of new products. The result is over 40 in-demand foods that include pancake and brownie mixes as well as salad dressings. Products are affordable and sold in popular stores like Walmart and ShopRite.

Luckily for grocery shoppers, a company named Hampton Creek believes that favorite foods can also be delicious, healthy and affordable. In fact, making healthy eating effortless has been part of the young company’s plan from the beginning. The fast growing business is also committed to developing and producing as many eco friendly plant sourced foods as possible.