Benefits of aloe vera plant have been known since thousands of years ago. Historically, the plant also known as aloe vera is considered to cure various skin diseases and is effective as a laxative.

Along with the development of the times, aloe vera is increasingly believed as a traditional medicine that can handle a number of conditions. Read more about kasiat lidah buaya.

The virtues of the true aloe vera

Aloe vera parts that can be used are gel and latex. The gel is obtained from cells located in the middle of aloe vera skin, while latex is obtained from cells directly under the skin layer of aloe vera.

As a medicine, gel aloe vera is a clear color like jelly is often used as an ointment, lotion, cream, and so on. Latex itself can be processed to make dry substances, such as supplements. But there is also a drug that uses both.

In addition to being produced into medicines, aloe vera is also often used in the form of natural society. The women used to make aloe vera as a good friend in hair and skin care. They believe, aloe vera can make hair more beautiful and the skin becomes more smooth.

Then how the fact of the efficacy of aloe vera?

Benefits of Aloe Vera If Scientifically Researched

People use aloe vera to cope with various conditions. But scientifically, the efficacy can only treat the four conditions below, even with the status that is still possible.

Itching and rash on the mouth and skin. According to the study, gargling with a mouthwash containing aloe vera for three times a day for 3 months can help reduce the itching and rash in the mouth. The same applies when applying the gel containing aloe vera twice daily for 2 months on the skin.

Constipation. Latex aloe contains chemicals that are effective as laxatives. However, its use can also cause diarrheal side effects.

Cold afternoon or wound on the lips due to the herpes virus. Some studies show that applying cream with aloe extract 0.5 percent for three times a day, can accelerate the wound healing process due to herpes simplex virus.

Psoriasis. The use of cream with aloe vera content of about 0.5 percent for 1-2 months can relieve psoriasis. But the results are not seen if only use aloe vera gel.

For the conditions below, further research is needed to determine whether aloe vera is effective as a medicine.

Dental plaque.


Dry skin.

Insect repellent.

Wound healing is like a burn.


Diaper rash.

The wound from lying too long in bed.


Inflammation in the mouth.

Side Effects Aloe Vera

The use of aloe vera gel on the skin seems safe. However, occasional gel aloe vera can also make the skin becomes burned and itching.

Unlike gel, consuming aloe vera latex with high doses has the potential to cause abdominal pain and cramps. Not only that, consuming latex aloe vera in the long term can also cause diarrhea, weight loss, kidney problems, muscle weakness, blood in the urine, and heart problems.

Always read the information on the packaging of aloe vera before starting to use it. Follow the usage rules and contact your doctor if you have any doubts.

Not Everyone Can Eat Aloe Vera

Aloe vera products should not be consumed origin. Read the information on the packaging to check if it is suitable for your condition. There are some people who should not consume aloe vera because of the safety factor.

Children. Especially those under 12 years old may experience abdominal pain, cramps, or diarrhea after consuming aloe vera products. It is best to avoid its use in children of that age unless under the supervision and advice of the physician.

Pregnant and lactating mothers. There are reports linking aloe vera with miscarriage and the risk of giving birth to a disabled baby. For the sake of safety, it is better to avoid this.

Want surgery. Aloe vera can affect blood sugar levels and can disrupt blood sugar levels during and after surgery. So stop eating aloe vera, at least two weeks before surgery.

Patients with hemorrhoids. You can aggravate the condition yourself if consuming aloe vera, especially latex when suffering from hemorrhoids.

Kidney illness. Consuming excessive aloe vera latex is also associated with kidney failure. Therefore, to prevent your kidney disease worsening, avoid consuming the substance.

Have a bowel problem. Latex aloe may potentially irritate the intestine.

Be careful before applying or consuming natural ingredients, including aloe vera. Natural ingredients are safe, but not all of them are so especially after being processed. There are some people who are forbidden to consume them. Then find out as much information before applying or consuming something, or ask directly to the doctor.