5 do you know the benefits of marijuana for health? Surely you already know marijuana is not it? Do you know that marijuana turns out to have benefits for our health? In addition to having a negative impact and are categorized as prohibited items, but apparently cannabis has benefits for our health. Nevertheless, the use of marijuana should be under a doctor’s supervision and the authorities and should not be consumed freely.

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The following are the 5 benefits of marijuana for health.

5 Benefits of Marijuana for Health

  1. Cannabis contains a chemical compound known as canabinoid. Type canabinoid different have different effects on the body after consumption. Scientific research indicates that this substance has a potential value of therapy for pain relief, control of nausea and vomiting, and appetite stimulation.
  2. Benefits of Marijuana To Cure Severe Autism. Research applied to Alex (12 years) in the United States, that a child with autism category of self-destructive or harmful to himself. By providing medical marijuana in liquid form as much as three times a week, Alex showed behavioral changes become calmer. Even so, the use of medical marijuana is still opposed by the doctors, especially for children. For some countries the use of marijuana, whether for medical purposes, remains controversial.
  3. Benefits of Marijuana To Heal cramps. Research carried out on the little girl 5 years old named Charlote Figi in America. Charlote is a child who has always suffered seizures every week. After two years of taking cannabis, epilepsy can be cured. Not only Charlotte course, some people who also suffered convulsions, took turn to cannabis. As with previous events, the medical advise not too often provide cannabis to children, because it can result in the child’s intelligence itself.
  4. Benefits of Marijuana To Heal Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Mental disorders post-traumatic disorder occurs because there are events that shook the incredible emotions such as excessive fear, tension, and anxiety. Usually for treating patients with mental disorders post-traumatic stress disorder need to be given sedatives or therapy. To treat PTSD, they generally use cannabis or marijuana as a substitute sedative. Even so, the researchers from the Department of Psychiatry and Radiology at New York University School of Medicine said that marijuana has a side effect that is the big appetite, memory loss and decreased ability of muscle.
  5. Benefits of Marijuana To Eliminate Pain. Cannabis is used as a basic ingredient pain reliever inhaler to cancer. Unlike drugs such as painkillers that can cause death if taken too much, patients ‘overdose’ cannabis spray only a small risk of experiencing acute health problems. The use of pain reliever inhaler has been used in several countries such as England, Canada, Spain and New Zealand. Nevertheless, the use of these drugs is still restricted to a particular patient. Patients with cancer pain caused by nerve damage should not be given this drug.

Thus 5 Benefits of Marijuana for Health. It turns out there are positive benefits derived from the cannabis plant. God created all things good. Everything he created with the intent and purpose that sometimes we do not understand. Hopefully this article useful for you.