Types of Best Dog Food

Having a dog isn’t only fun, it is a responsibility like having any other pet. You need to take care of what they are doing and what they are eating. The right diet is especially important because it will improve their health or on the other hand, it can be very damaging. In order to know what to buy for your dog, you need to understand what types of food exist for your pet.

Most of the information can be found at the local store or veterinarian. If they don’t have the time to inform you in detail then you can use the internet. There are a lot of websites where you can check what’s best for your pet like Dog Life HQ – dry dog food. Besides dry, there are wet, raw and fresh foods. You will always have to switch after some time because a change in diet after a while is a good thing.

Dry Dog Food

Dry foods are very popular because you don’t need to prepare it and they are available everywhere. There are five most common ways to produce it. Extrusion is a method where they are using a giant steam cooker where the raw material is mixed. When they cut it, it is dried and cooled. Some professionals are saying that the process can damage the natural nutrients but on the other hand it kills parasites.

The difference between baking and extrusion is that they are cooking it at lower pressure. This means that more nutrients will remain. The downside is that they have to use wheat gluten to bind the biscuit. Cold pressed foods are the third type that is just becoming popular. They use lower temperatures unlike extrusion but some parts like grain need to be pre-cooked. Air drying type is like the name says, they are removing water from fresh material. The last is freeze-dried foods where they freeze then heat the ingredients.

Wet Foods

Because we are finding new ways to make or prepare dog food, the wet type is becoming less popular which can be seen on selling results on the market. They are usually found in chubb rolls, pouches, trays and tins. Ingredients are cooked and blended before they put it in a vacuumed container. The process of sterilization and cooking usually last up to 90 minutes.

A good thing is that there aren’t any artificial additives because of the sterilization and vacuum sealing. Unlike dry foods, they contain much more water. It seems like something more natural which is true if you compare it to some other types. If your dog doesn’t drink much water, this may be a great diet option.

Raw Food

One of the fastest growing food trends when it comes to dogs is raw food. You can notice more freezer units in the pet shops. People who decide to give their pet raw food will actually prepare it themselves and a lot of companies realized that this is a great opportunity. …