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What Benefits Can One Get With Massage? Eliciting a feeling of relaxation and a feeling of calmness, reducing stress, and relieving muscle tension are just some of the benefits of getting a massage. Massage offers health benefits that are proven; hence, it is of benefit for anyone to have a regular massage. There are numerous benefits of getting a massage and these are as follows: improves blood circulation, eases pain, eases stiffness, eases tension, enhances well-being, improves mental health, and is relaxing, soothing, and healing. The massage benefits just mentioned are also of great help to athletes by reducing their risks of getting injuries and enhancing their performance. Because of the wide range of massage benefits, there is a lot of available types of massage therapy that will match your particular issues and unique needs. By relaxing the muscles, decreasing heart rate, promoting breathing that is deeper and fuller, and decreasing blood pressure, massage surely combats a person’s anxieties and stresses. Indeed, the benefits of having a massage are endless because it affects all our body systems.
The Path To Finding Better Massages
Massage has been existing for a long time: Hippocrates wrote papers that recommend using friction and rubbing to combat circulatory and joint problems; the ancient Persians, Egyptians, and Hindus also applied various types of massage for different ailments; and records 3,000 years ago from the Chinese document the use of massage.
The Path To Finding Better Massages
Benefits of Massage for Pain Touching is a form of natural reaction not only to pain but also for imparting support and compassion. Pain relief: All types of muscle aches and muscle pains can be prevented by having a massage. With massage bearing a huge part in many programs of physical rehabilitation, it is proven to be of benefit to a lot of chronic conditions such as the following: diabetes, arthritis, bursitis, low back pain, increased blood pressure, fatigue, immunity suppression, infertility, smoking cessation, depression, etc. Though one has already achieved the results he/she desires from getting a massage, it would be of benefit to schedule for monthly visits to avoid the pain to occur again and keep the person’s wellness maintained. Trigger Point Massage: This form of massage uses pressure to areas in the body where muscles are damaged; these tender areas also known as the ‘trigger points’. Pressure allows the increase of blood and oxygen circulation toward the tissue; hence, the pain is reduced if not eliminated. Depending on one’s specific problem and one’s pain severity, it might be more effective to schedule for once or twice per week massage session to get the results that you want. Studies conducted by different health organizations and institutions have concluded that having a therapeutic massage is an effective means to providing long-running benefits for patients with chronic low back pain. As a matter of fact, many researchers hypothesized that massage may be an effective preference to the usual heath regimen for patients with persistent low back pain. According to one conducted pilot study, it was established that massage therapy was able to reduce muscle spasms and pain in patient that underwent heart bypass surgery and chose to be treated in the hospital post-surgery.